English, one of the most spoken languages in the world

English, one of the most spoken languages in the world with over 983 million speakers, originated in England and adopts its vocabulary from various other languages. It is often used in work and travel, and has therefore become a language one needs to learn. Being spoken in many countries, English has come across changes in vocabulary and pronunciation, the better known ones mainly being British English, American English and Australian English.

English is the co-official language of India with about 90 million speakers, but with fewer than quarter of a million calling it a first language. Spoken English classes are provided by various governmental and no governmental organisations throughout India. Even though English is taught in various schools and colleges in India from a young age nowadays, the lack of properly trained English teachers has resulted in the youth being unable to speak English fluently, especially in rural areas. The skill to speak English fluently is now one of the major criteria considered when recruiting for many white-collar jobs as well as for promotions to managerial or administrative positions.
Key Institute, with its tested syllabus of 50 years, is one of the most prominent spoken English training centers in Ernakulam.
It has been functioning since 1969 and is a name synonymous with Spoken English throughout Kochi. It has developed a unique and innovative training method, which assures fluency at the earliest to one and all students. Here, the training sessions are entertaining, educative and enlightening.

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