IELTS listening and reading

There are no shortcuts to getting a good score in listening or reading sections of IELTS; practice is the key. Improve your listening skills by listening to BBC radio, TED Talks and other similar programs besides practising numerous listening tests. Reading the English newspaper and magazines to improve your reading speed is a recommended tip for those who don’t get enough time to finish the reading test on time.
Listening and Reading are the two sections of IELTS in which a candidate can easily score high, given they practice regularly. Being one of the best IELTS training centers in Kochi, Key Institute provides its students various other tips on how to crack both these sections besides providing them with abundant materials to practice.
It has been functioning since 1969 and is a name synonymous with Spoken English throughout Kochi. It has developed a unique and innovative training method, which assures fluency at the earliest to one and all students. Here, the training sessions are entertaining, educative and enlightening.

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